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What Are The Best Paying Jobs In California Hospitals?

If you don’t already know this, some of the highest paying fields available today are happening right in California hospitals and even other hospitals around the United States of America. So if you’ve ever wanted to get a very high paying job than you should definitely look into entering the medical field because this profession pays very well and you can certainly make quite a bit of money if you enter any one of the fields I’m about to present to you. So let’s take a look at these fields right now.

The highest paying field in hospitals at the moment is for psychiatrists. The average hospital psychiatrist will earn about $160,000 a year. So if you are training to become a psychiatrist than you might want to consider working in this occupation in a hospital setting. You might be able to make as much money in private practice as well, but the salary is very much there for the taking if you decide to work in a hospital in California instead.

The next occupation that I want to bring to mind are pediatricians. This is another high paid field that you will certainly make a lot of money if you enter into it. As a pediatrician, you will potentially make about $150,000-$160,000 a year by entering into this field and working in a hospital setting. Obviously there’s a lot of schooling that goes along with this, but if you make it through then you have a very lucrative position waiting for you as soon as you finish up all of the necessary training.

Instead of just announcing the third occupation, I’m going to provide you with many different options. Family and general practitioners make around $120,000 a year. Postsecondary teachers make around $108,000 a year. Hospital pharmacists make around $104,000 a year. Physicians and surgeons make around $99,500 a year. The public relations managers at hospitals in California make around $98,500 a year.

So there are definitely lots of high paying careers that you can easily enter into in California hospitals. Just figure out which career seems the best to you and then pursue it in school so that you can get a degree in that area and qualify to work in a hospital setting.